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A great beginning point (or refreshment of old skills) for web design. Lists lots of good resources, a lot of good articles compiled.

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If you already run Yahoo! Toolbar, you can click this link to install the Flickr button. And if you don't already run it, you can get the whole thing here: – complete with handy mail alerts, 'add to my' RSS autodetection, delicious button, maps, etc.

This is cool…

Over at John's Adventures: John's Background Switcher: John Conners has built an application that changes your desktop Wallpaper automatically, either every day or every hour. You can select pictures by person, tags, sets, or random.The settings dialog John's Background Switcher you can check out here.

ok – so how cute are those little buttons all over the blogs? We love them. The big question is – why? Oh well, we do. And at this website you can generate your own little cute buttons for every RSS you can think of – and it's SUPER EASY!papercandies.png

Lilypie Baby Ticker

How cute are these? You can get a ticker for your baby's due date or your child's birthday.

This is one for my boy, since his bday is the closest and he was just my little baby boy the other day!

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