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From a reporter at iFMagazine to an article in – FINALLY, somebody sticks up for James Frey and says EXACTLY what I have been saying about the whole ridiculous thing. Here is a small clip for you from Bruce Willis –

“Look at what happened to James Frey in the last two weeks,” says
Willis. “That’s a great book and so is the follow up book. And just
because his publisher chose to say that these were memoirs, it took it
out of being a work of fiction, a great work of fiction and very well
written to this guy having to go be sucker punched on OPRAH by one of
the most powerful women in television just to grind her own axe about
it. ‘Hey, Oprah. You had President Clinton on your show and if this
prick didn’t lie about a couple of things I’m going to set myself on
fire right now.’ James Frey is a writer, okay? He can write whatever he
wants. It’s fiction, and it’s just hard, it’s just shameful how he was
treated in some of these things. read more here…..


Since it seems poor James Frey is still being lynched and used as an example, I thought I would bring this up here. Everyone here knows I do NOT agree with the way Frey is being used as a scapegoat for people's anger. I feel so horrible for this man. But, this too shall pass…. Hang in there James, it will pass over and the public will be out for new blood.

I have noticed some valid arguments, however, related to the idea of a memoir and what is considered fiction, memoir, autobiography, etc. It seems to me the sole blame here lies with the publishers – only the publishers. Why are they not the ones being attacked?

But, how important is the fact that Frey embellished some events in his "memoir"? What does it mean for literature and their definitions? Are people going to start reading every memoir and see if there were fabrications? If so, what does that mean?

My big question is – why are so many people so angry about this? It seems like some feel they were lied to…Personally. I also have noticed people tend to be "sheep" and follow the flock – sort of like egging on a fight or being angry about something that they have no idea about. Why can't more people think for themselves?

The idea of getting refunds for purchasing Frey's book is ludicrous. Really…do we need to go through our libraries and return every book that lied?

If we are getting refunds because of lies being told and portrayed as fact – the Bush administration owes us a whole LOT of money right now..

I was reading this article at CNET news and it really bothered me. I was already thinking that Smoking Gun must be really high on all this publicity and press and accolades. It really sickens me, though. And it's not just them, it's all media and, well, pretty much anybody these days. Everyone wants to be famous. Everyone wants to be "loved" and looked up to. No matter what the cost. No matter who gets hurt and what the consequences would be. This is a perfect example.I think it's sick that they are riding high on the downfall of another person. The idea that they got some sort of sick satisfaction from ripping Frey into a million little pieces. They got famous – for a few minutes. What's next for them? Who are they going to smoke next? I would say they would need to go back to every memoir ever written and research to see how many embellishments were added. But, while that would be fair, it won't get them great publicity.Admittedly, I used to subscribe to Smoking Gun. I got a smug sense of happiness in seeing the celebrities' mug shots and arrest records. I liked seeing them being embarrassed and humiliated. Since this Frey thing, I have un-subscribed and don't want anything to do with any snark sites or blogs. I don't see the point in finding joy in other people's sorrow. I don't like celebrities or famous people ( I have worked with many), but I don't want to see them hurt, either.

I would be really proud and honored to be a "part" of Smoking Gun if they had exposed a scum – a child molestor, a murderer or a charity scam artist. But, I just feel sick to my stomach that they chose to rip apart a man. An author. A person. What did they prove? What difference have they made? None.

I believe in karma. I know people always get what they deserve in life. If not now, they will. Riding high on the suffering of others will not get you ahead in life. It doesn't make you a great reporter nor a great man. It makes you lower than what they did.

I'm sorry. I just can't let this James Frey thing pass. I can't. As I'm perusing (mm, big word) my feeds this morning, I see the latest uproar at the Hussein trials. I have been watching Frey being lynched (mostly by her Oprah-ness) and, meanwhile, watching Hussein being, well, ALIVE!

Please remind me why we spared Saddam "Insane" and are granting him a fair trial – which has been nothing but chaos and craziness since it started? Yet, we grab this guy, an author of a book about his previous drug addictions and rehab, and rip him to shreds. Hello. Where are our priorities people?

James Frey wrote a book. He wrote. a. fucking. book. He embellished some things in the book. The book was delivered to the public as a memoir. People read it. A lot of people read it. Many people were helped by this book. Lies or not. It's a book.

Can I even begin to list the atrocities S. Insane has committed? Did he, perhaps, embellish some things? Did he lie about anything? Ya think?

And yet, I sit here and see James Frey facing up to his "attackers" and holding his head down and admitting to some of the lies in his book. He is deeply sorry. He is humiliated and shamed. In public. And he apologizes with all sincerity. This is all so very unwarranted. It's a book. Whether his girlfriend hung herself or slit her wrists…Who the fuck cares? Will it affect the way you live your life tomorrow? Will it make the slightest difference in your life?

Now….Let's shift on over to the S. Insane trial. No regrets. No humiliation or apologies. No remorse. In fact, I see hatred, rebellion and an inflated ego who rants and raves about how much he hates America and "down with America" and, blah, blah. Big difference here – his lies and his acts have affected people. They still do affect people. It's not a memoir. It's not words. It's pure evil in its rawest form. And yet – he is not attracting the hatred and anger of James Frey.

One question – can anyone please tell me why we didn't just chuck a grenade right down into the hole Hussein came from? Who would have cared? Who would have asked? Why would it matter? Why does he matter? Bush's daddy should have killed him. And there is no way in hell he should be here to stand a fair trial.

For some reason, Americans seem to grant fairness and mercy to the wrong damn people. We should be this angry about the lies that matter. The lies that make a difference in our lives and our children's lives. The lies that take away our jobs, our homes and our rights.

I really wish people would get their priorities in order. Leave Frey alone – he hurt nobody. Open fire on Hussein – he hurt everybody. Hello….no rocket science here.

Oprah Winfrey – Frey

I know I sound like I am beating this James Frey thing into the ground. But, I am just trying to understand why this is so emotional and publicized. Why is it making people so angry? Is it worth this anger and hostility?

We, Americans, are lied to all the time. Every day. We are always lied to from the media. And the government. And we all know it. And the lies they tell are lies that actually hurt and kill people. But, they don't seem to be held accountable at all. Is Frey some sort of "example" for the bigger problem of America's growing rage with being lied to? Is he a scapegoat?

I think the brunt of the blame goes to the publishers for not researching the facts or offering some sort of disclaimer. And, I guarantee there have been many memoirs that have been fabricated in the past. In fact, I know there have been. But, why the big deal? I cannot even say how my heart goes out to James Frey. He is paying a huge price as being a scape goat for a lot of misdirected anger.

I must say, up front, I really like Oprah Winfrey. I like her show and her magazine, most of the time. She does a lot for a lot of people. But, she comes across as very narcisistic in ways, more so lately than she ever has. I think this Frey thing was a personal affront to her, Ms. Winfrey, and she felt duped and embarrassed. And how dare anyone lie to her or lie to her? Because, she is the top of the ladder, the housewives Goddess, the Guru. I guess. She has had so many people on her show over the years that have blatantly lied to her about serious things. She has invited some back to discuss, but never has she been so angry. Why?

I would like to think Oprah is just upset because she was responsible for the millions of books sold and for offering so much publicity to something that she portrayed as truth. But, I still don't get the anger. The attacking of Frey. There is no excuse for how she pummeled him. None. She comes across as such a humanitarian and a lover of the human race. And yet she showed more anger and repulsion at James Frey than she did with the man who spoke of molesting little girls his whole life. What is going on here?

So, I guess my whole thing is wanting to know why people are so angry about this? In lieu of all the lies and deceits we have been dealing with in government and our country lately, why is this insignificant memoir (or not) being treated with more emotion than, say, the reactions to Katrina. Or Alito being sworn into office (which I am sure he will) and sending women's rights back to the 1800's. Why are sexual offenders still running around unregistered and nobody cares? Where's the anger for this?

I am really sorry, Oprah, that you were lied to. I am sorry you are embarrassed. But, we are all lied to by people every day, all the time. And you called in a couple weeks earlier on Larry King's show and had his back – stood by him 100%. I am shocked by your complete 180. How the hell does that happen? Did you receive emails from people who questioned your almighty-ness? Did they dare to offend the queen of humanity?

Well, you sure were not a humanitarian to James Frey. He is just a human being. A man. A man who made a mistake. Not even a horrible one. He is just a scape-goat. And he just pissed off the wrong people.

So, James, if you happen to come across this blog, and you might, because I have several hundred hits a day with searches for your name, I want you to know that you are just being used as a scapegoat for the boiling anger that is in all of us. And, Oprah doesn't speak for all of us. You made a mistake. A lapse in judgment. I have lied so many times in my life, I don't even remember what is the truth. Honestly, I got to where I believed what I lied about. And you were man enough to go on the King show and Oprah. And you sat there like a man and took it. That is so commendable. It's a hell of a lot more than any government official has done. And their lies are a lot more horrific than yours were.

Hang on, James. Seriously, hang on.

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