Andy Hagans over at has posted a great (and very relevant for these times) post about Handling Hate in the blogging world. If you mosey (is that a word?) on over to my militarygrrrl blog – you will see I have been dealing with this in a way – not so much Hate as anger and negativity and well, pretty much what’s way too prevalant in our world today. I also did a post recently on this same thing – it’s time for it to stop. If we each learn to respect each other and treat each other with dignity, it will spread. Negativity spreads (just look around you everywhere these days), but so does Patriotism and pride (remember after 9/11).Like I said over there and I will say here…I understand the anger and the outrage in our world today. Heck, I think there was and always will be anger and hatred – but, we need to set some limits. Blogs are exploding now – everyone can do it and everyone can post what they want when they want – with no boundaries and no limits. There needs to be a line drawn with this. We have to start it and finish it here.

Andy goes on to explain what he means by “hate” – and I am sure most of us know how it feels to receive “hate” mail. I’m a writer, so I have developed thick skin, but it still hurts me every single time I am called names or my character is attacked. He pretty much says “hate” would be saying things that would hurt or degrade, calling names, insulting your person, threats and violence (of course, there is a point where the authorities come in).

He goes on to explain why it might happen. I know for a fact that people (including me) will say things in e-mails or comments they would never think of saying in person. Jealousy and just plain maturity – which I agree here with Andy, the basic maturity level of our world is not that high. Also, I agree that there are a lot of young people on the internet who don’t know their limits. Unfortunately, the worst hate mails I have ever received have been from adults.

Later in the article, he explains what to do about these comments.

This was an excellent post, Andy Hagans, and very much needed and not talked about enough. I know when I have been attacked in my blogs, I have felt alone and nervous and hurt. A lot of beginning bloggers (like myself) don’t have a big readership and I have never yet had anyone come to my aid. I have, however, had people gang up on me and it is not fun. So, just bringing this to light is a huge help and I know that knowing you aren’t alone is a giant thing for all of us. Thanks Andy. is an excellent blog, also and should be bookmarked by all bloggers.

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